Microsoft Excel Consultant


If you have a business problem relating to MS Excel and have not been able to find a solution to solve it, contact XL-ian!

Excel Helpdesk


There are over 150 million Excel users worldwide and spreadsheets are without doubt one of the most frequently used tools in business intelligence today. Ranging from basic quick-fix spreadsheets to sophisticated programmed applications, the possibilities of employing Excel to benefit your business are infinite.

Enter XL-ian Helpdesk…

Recognizing the value in enhancing user capabilities, XL-ian offers a unique service that addresses these challenges: a professional and dedicated helpdesk that specializes in Microsoft Excel and spreadsheet applications.

Our team is comprised of a dedicated group of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of Excel and are able to help you on a short notice with any type of question or problem.

Typical questions can range from simple to the more advanced:

Our vast experience allows us to provide answers immediately and most basic to intermediate problems are normally solved on the spot. The more complicated challenges may require some additional investigation, though we still strive to answer on a same-day basis.

The Benefits

Employing the XL-ian helpdesk allows you to focus on your core issues. You will also dramatically improve your customer satisfaction ratings. And all of this is achieved at a negligible cost to your Company!

The XL-ian Excel helpdesk service is available by telephone or email to immediately respond to all of your spreadsheet questions.

Should you have questions on how our solutions can benefit your company, our rates or any other information, please contact us at ian@xl-ian.com