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OEE is a simple but clever calculation which focuses on individual items of a process or manufacturing equipment at a finite level and allows their ‘effectiveness’ to be measured individually or in groups.


The OEE calculation is based on the ratio of the three key production parameters, availability, performance, and quality with time (e.g. planned shift time/s) being used as the baseline measurement.


OEE, OAE and TEEP measure asset effectiveness at different levels:


OEE (Overall Equipment effectiveness) measures how effectively equipment is running when it should be running.


OAE (Overall Asset Effectiveness) measures how effectively the plant’s management is running the equipment.


TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance) measures how well an organization extracts value from its assets.


XL-ian has developed a simple tool for measuring your OEE/OAE/Teep


Part of an input sheet


Part of the daily graph


Individual Machine “Waterfall” graph



The “Jump Station”



Part of the “SET UP” sheet.



The cost of the OEE Tool is £150




ian@xl-ian.com for more details or to order the OEE Tool.