Microsoft Excel Consultant





After twenty years doing our accounts, paperwork, filing, word processing and customer details by various tedious methods we finally realised something had to be done to end these repetitive tasks and create a more reliable database.

After an initial consultation with Ian we were immediately impressed by his advice and knowledge. He quickly created a package for us that did exactly what we required and twelve months on, we don't know how we ever coped with life pre-XL-ian.

Our ledger is automatically created, we can find all our customer records and the software is so easy to use. It has taken 10 minutes to do our annual VAT return instead of a week.

His services truly are exceptional and we cannot praise him enough.




No more mistakes when checking the syndicates lottery numbers.




Not only is he very knowledgeable but he is very quick at doing it.

I would highly recommend him when thinking about any office application especially MS Excel.



I first contacted Ian when I decided to go self-employed and he helped me to set up my estimating, invoicing, stock control, pricing, database and also create the necessary ledgers to help with my self-assessment.

Not sure how I would have managed with out his expertise and guidance, the software he created is so easy to use and pricing jobs is very quick, easy and accurate.

Truly exceptional.



A short while ago I had to let a member of my staff go, unfortunately this person put a Password on all the Company spreadsheets.

After receiving a "mail shot" from Ian, I realised all was not lost.

XL-ian, quickly and confidentially removed the passwords from the spreadsheets and returned them to me within an hour.

He also reduced the cost for doing them, without me asking.

Thank You very much.



I just had to get in touch and thank you.

I have not had any work done by you, but the Tip about "Making a quick graph" has been extremely useful.

Thank You.



I have bought the OEE Checker from you and just wanted to say Thanks.

We utilise OEE at our Factory, however we could not figure out what impact a change to the breaks etc would have on the OEE.

We now have a very simple method of finding out what impact, changes would mean.